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Send us Your Questions! Indy Cornrows Mailbag Pod

IC Mailbag Pod

Indiana Pacers Introduce New Players - Press Conference Photo by Ron Hoskins/NBAE via Getty Images

Tom and I are recording a podcast at 7:30 pm EST tomorrow! We have a few topics we’re going to cover, but want to take time to answer some questions!

Give us anything you’ve got and we’ll get to it!

Send it down below or on Twitter!

Also, I would like to just take a second to ask you to please go Rate & Review the Indy Cornrows Podcast on Apple! The more feedback we have and the more ratings/reviews we get, the better and more accesible the podcast can be.

I love doing this and enjoy interatcing with you all and doing this for you! Thanks for continuing to listen and I look forward to putting out ever-improving content both written and through podcasts.