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Justin Holiday launches ‘Life on the NBA Island’ Vlog

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Justin Holiday is your new favorite Basket-Vlogger.

Indiana Pacers v Washington Wizards Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

With life in the bubble continuing for the 3-0 Pacers as they gear up for the playoffs, 3-and-D role player Justin Holiday is giving the people what they want and launching a video blog series on YouTube to provide fans with a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the highly unusual experience.

In the first installment, which chronicles last Saturday’s game-day against the Sixers, Holiday documents his daily routine, including the process of reporting for COVID-19 testing, where T.J. McConnell is seen jamming out to music in the background. Along with capturing some fun, wholesome moments with teammates, like exchanging I love you’s with little brother Aaron (awe!) after walking in on him about to use the bathroom (whoops!), Justin also shows how he’s putting the words he wrote in the Players’ Tribune to action, revealing that he provided the team with the powerful “Am I Next?” warm-up shirts they were seen wearing ahead of Saturday’s game and during the national anthem.

“The ‘Am I next?’ question I feel will, or allows, people to actually think about us NBA players being next in the situation of being killed unjustly, being killed for the color of our skin,” says Holiday in the video. “And, really, to put some of the people — not in our shoes — but in our shoes in the sense of how we feel when we see another black person get killed in this way.”

For more on what’s happening for the Pacers at the Grand Floridian, be sure to checkout the full video below. Here’s hoping the next entry of “Life on the NBA Island” can provide some clarity on how T.J. Warren managed to transform into Mr. Bubble and whether Jeremy Lamb was actually served an apple owl for breakfast or somehow fashioned an apple owl out of whatever he had in his pockets at breakfast.