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Pacers Swept, Season Close & Pod Future - Indy Cornrows Podcast

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Mark does a quick Game 4 recap and offseason outlook while outlining what’s next

Indiana Pacers v Miami Heat - Game Four Photo by Ashley Landis-Pool/Getty Images

On today’s episode of the Indy Cornrows podcast, I recorded a solo pod recapping a few observations from the game and overarching themes from the series. I also give some depth as to what the offseason and immediate future of Indy holds.

This pod was more of a quick hitter, we have a ton of in depth content in the works for the IC pod that you can expect in the coming weeks. Pod Don’t Stop.

I’m really excited for the future here and moving forward! I have a ton to work on and improve on and aim to make the Indy Cornrows podcast the best Pacers podcast and just a great NBA/basketball podcast that not only Indy fans, but NBA fans at large can get something out of.

I’d really appreciate any feedback, questions comments, or thoughts on the podcast and what you do/don’t like so I can work towards making the IC podcast even better than it was in it’s iteration this season. Your opinions and thoughts towards the content I put out matters a great deal to me!

I get into it in the pod as well, but I just want to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who listens and reads what I put out on Indy Cornrows. This has been my first season covering a team and first year as a consistent writer and podcast host. Also, a major thank you to all the veteran people in Pacers media who helped me grow this season, gave me direction, and were always down to talk hoops. Tom, Caitlin, Tony East, Alex Golden, J. Michael, I could go on and on.

This team is a blast to cover and the people around the team make it even more worth it.

If you have not already, I’d greatly appreciate you Rating and Reviewing the IC pod on Apple podcasts!


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