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Philly Breakdown with Caitlin Cooper & Wizards Preview with Kevin Broom - The Indy Cornrows Podcast

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Back to back pods to open the week.

Philadelphia 76ers v Indiana Pacers Photo by Kim Klement - Pool/Getty Images

The Pacers have a busy week with four games in six days, so that means a steady slate of podcasts! We open the week with two; Caitlin, Tom & myself discuss the win over Philadelphia last night. On the second I’m joined by Kevin Broom, who is a great Wizards cover over at Bullets Forever, to preview the Monday game.

First Pod:

  • T.J. Warren’s 53 point outing
  • Aaron Holiday’s steady hand
  • T.J. McConnell’s scrappy defense and play-making
  • Victor not forcing shots (And he played!!!)
  • Optimism moving forward

Second Pod:

  • Wizards fans are fans of Myles Turner?
  • Washington’s season
  • Did Bradley Beal deserve to be an All-Star?
  • How the team is slowly rebuilding
  • Outlook for next year and goals for the Bubble

Enjoy the pods!

Be sure to shoot any questions, comments or thoughts to my Twitter or down below. I’d appreciate any feedback and want to know more about what you want to hear on the podcast!