Open Letter To Adam Silver

Dear Sir:
Some of the NBA's fans are going through one of the most trying times in their lives. Few left alive remember WWII or the great depression. Few alive remember the Flu of 1918. Many people who are fans, through no fault of their own, are going through serious financial difficulty right now. And one of the things that can give them some sense of normalcy in their lives is following their home team playing on tv/streaming.
Due to the vagaries of NBA home game viewing areas, various cable providers contract negotiations and local channel viewing options, many of us are forced to find some other way to watch our home teams play. Some times, these days, we can not afford to pay 80$ a month for the type of service that allows us to see a home game for our team and we are forced to use some less than legal means to watch these games. It isn't that we don't want to support our team. It isn't because we aren't already paying for cable in our state. It is because you have decided to make it impossible to cheer on our team. Perhaps the league believes that it is a privilege, not a right, to watch our home state team play(home or away). You are killing your bottom line Sir, but then perhaps you are isolated from the plight of mere fans? Paying a 1000$ a year to watch teams play means nothing to you? You don't feel that pinch of a choice between feeding your family or watching your team play? Do you risk souring fans' enjoyment of their states/cities teams by making them unable to view anymore? Or would you engender deeper further support and love of the NBA by making it less expensive to view your home states teams play(home/away)? I realize that this missive is meaningless to the lawyers and bean counters at the NBA, things will go on exactly as they least they will till you run the league off a cliff and those people themselves feel the pinch of financial stress too.
Here's hoping everyone at the NBA has a very Merry Christmas, sadly mine will be much less merry because i will no longer be able to cheer my team on, because of the choices you have made.
Dwain Kitchel
New Albany IN