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Pacers unveil latest City Edition uniforms

Pinstripes, back!

Chicago Bulls v Indiana Pacers Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The Pacers released their “City Edition” jerseys Tuesday on Twitter with the words “These are more than pinstripes” — a fitting tagline for uniforms that essentially function like a patchwork quilt of the team’s history.

Yes, after a long hiatus, the pinstripes from the late 90s and early 2000s are back, but the side panels appear to be Flo-Jo inspired, the font is a carryover from the Paul George-era V-necks, and while the royal blue color is said to be a reference to the state flag, it also evokes memories of the racing stripes worn during the mid-80s.

In that respect, from the word “Indiana” to the recreated state emblem featured on the belt, Indiana’s latest jerseys aren’t so much a representation of the “city’s” culture (i.e. Chicago’s art deco architecture or Brooklyn paying homage to a local artist) as much as they are a reflection of how much basketball itself features as the state’s culture.

More importantly, however: Jerseys are what are worn when basketball is played, and these jerseys, while serving as a trip down memory lane, aren’t gray, will never again be any form of Hickory, and also look really good.

What else can you ask for? Well done, Pacers.