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Discussing the NBA off-season schedule w/ Derek Kramer of iPacers

Indy Cornrows Podcast

NBA Players Off-season Workouts Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

I hope you’re all having a great weekend and enjoying the surprisingly nice November MidWest weather! With the off-season now mostly set in terms of schedule, I thought it would be pertinent to break it down while also taking a look ahead with a new voice.

I brought on Derek Kramer of the fantastic iPacers blog to talk about the goings on of the off-season, muse on what might happen, and look at how it may impact the Pacers.

This was a fun convo and it’s been awesoem getting to know Derek a bit and I look forward to some pods in the future!

We will of course be keeping you up to date on happenings around the league and with the Pacers, but from now until the 18th; DRAFT.

I have a great lineup of draft specialists/scouts coming up next week that I’m very excited for you all to hear!

Enjoy the pod and the rest of your weekend!