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Pacers Podcast: Two-ahh Questions!

There’s barely anything Pacers-related to talk about, right?

Miami Heat v Indiana Pacers - Round One, Game Three Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images

With the trade freeze ending today ahead of Draft Night on Wednesday and the “start” of free agency at the end of the week (Nov. 22), the NBA is coming back like a hurricane just as drama seems to be swirling around the Pacers. To fill the calm before the storm, Mark and I teamed up for the next episode of “Two Questions, Two-ahh!”

Some topics:

  • All things Oladipo (i.e. What will the offense look like with or without him? Who should we blame for the current state of affairs? Should the trade return for Dennis Schroder impact the front office’s thinking on Oladipo? If this is the end of the Oladipo-era, will it be looked back on with fondness?). And, yes, I realize this is way more than two questions. My bad.
  • What would make for a disappointing draft?
  • Should the Pacers look to trade Victor? Weighing the merits of both sides.
  • What is Myles Turner’s place in the NBA/on the Pacers? Where is he at in his career?

Scheduling permitted, our plan from here on out is to record these on the third Tuesday of every month, so if you have any questions we can co-opt as our own (with credit of course!) hit us up in the comments. If you haven’t already, please be sure to Rate and Review the Indy Cornrows Podcast on Apple Podcasts and subscribe anywhere else you can listen!