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Versatility, Adaptability, and Continuity in the upcoming season with Dave Searle

Pacers Podcast

Indiana Pacers v Toronto Raptors Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

On today’s episode of the Indy Cornrows Podcast, I’m joined by friend of the show, Dave Searle.

We break down some of the recent news in the NBA and in the Pacers sphere.

We spend much of the pod discussing the ideas that Nate Bjorkgren has brought to the table and become known for.

  • How can this roster embody what Nate is preaching?
  • Flexibility defensively with Turner and Sabonis
  • Todd MacCulloch and Monta Ellis anecdotes
  • How will teams handle the cap? How will players handle ETO’s and PO’s?

We discuss all this and much more on the pod. If you haven’t already, please be sure to Rate and Review the Indy Cornrows Podcast on Apple Podcasts and be sure o subscribe anywhere else you can listen! That really helps us out in growing the cope and exposure of the pod as well as improving it as a whole!

Enjoy the pod and Happy early Halloween!