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Nate Bjorkgren’s opening presser & Victor’s tradeability

Pacers Podcast

Toronto Raptors v Philadelphia 76ers Photo by David Sherman/NBAE via Getty Images

On today’s edition of the Indy Cornrows podcast, I go solo to spend some time on Nate Bjorkgren’s press conference. After breaking down my thoughts and observations from the presser, I spend the majority of the pod talking about Victor Oladipo.

Yesterday, Kevin Pritchard spoke on the organization’s relationship with Victor as well as him being part of the Pacers moving forward. Coach Bjorkgren also mentioned that he had a lengthy conversation with Victor in relation to how he sees him fitting into the roster/game plan.

Also, it seems that barring a significant offer, the team is prepared to move forward with the Turner/Sabonis pairing to see how they look in a new scheme.

Lastly, I discuss the tradability of Victor Oladipo. I routinely see trades thrown out that are one-sided for either the Pacers or the other team. Trying to decipher Victor’s value is quite difficult, but it’s important to note that there have to be relatively equal merits to both sides of a trade. I breakdown 5 trades that

  • work inside the cap
  • benefit both teams in some way
  • and are (In my opinion) realistic

I’d really love to see what you all think of what I put together. IF Victor was to part ways with the team (Not trying to speak it into existence, just a scenario) I believe these are some of the only options that make much sense and are feasable for both sides.

Be sure to shoot me any questions, comments, or feedback and as always, Rate and Review on Apple podcasts!