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NBA Free Agency Game Thread

What deadline? NBA free agency is off and running so keep an eye on how things unfold for the Pacers.

NBA: Indiana Pacers at Atlanta Hawks Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

BA Free Agency officially begins on Sunday at 6:30 pm ET. However, Adam Silver has no use for hard and fast rules, so free agency is well underway.

Reports about Kemba, Klay and Paul Milsap early Saturday confirm the wheels are in motion, so keep tabs on Woj’s Twitter feed and use this post for sharing your reactions to the various deals and any news involving the Pacers.

So many ways the Pacers can go but the team will be a struggle selling any big free agents to join a team that likely won’t have Victor Oladipo doing much heavy lifting in the upcoming season.

Still, there has been plenty of buzz and rumors, both wild and reasonable, involving the Pacers. Plus, various players becoming available who may help the Pacers adds to the drama.

One of those players is George Hill who is now a free agent. I’d be shocked if GHill returned to the Pacers, simply because playing at home wasn’t always enjoyable for the former Broad Ripple Rocket.

Speaking of hometown heroes, I’ve seen Gordon Hayward around his home town a few times and after the Celtics were eliminated in May, heard he expected to be moved during the offseason. I’ve also heard he bought a home in Fishers for the fam, not far from his in-laws, however he would rather not play in Indy (see GHill experience).

The Celtics situation has changed since their playoff run with reports of Kemba Walker agreeing to a deal with the C’s. But they still need a big guy and the Pacers have a few...

Enjoy the madness!