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Warriors vs. Raptors: NBA Finals game thread

Game 1 of the NBA Finals should be plenty entertaining with the defending champ Warriors on the road at the Raptors. Meanwhile, the rest of the league is dialed in for the offseason implications.

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Toronto Raptors Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA Finals tip off tonight in Toronto at 9 p.m. ET on ABC when the Raptors host the Warriors in a series filled with subplots as the whole league prepares for the draft and free agency in a few weeks.

Kevin Durant remains injured and most likely out at least the first two games, but he’s also is still the best player for the defending champs. Kawhi Leonard is without a doubt the best player for the challengers who have to take advantage of starting at home to at least earn a split in the first two games.

But as far as the rest of the league, including Pacers, is concerned, there’s a good chance neither Durant nor Kawhi will be with their respective teams in six weeks. That alone is nuts. But for the Pacers, the way the whole Eastern Conference post-season has played out has been a bonus (well, except for the sweep they endured in round one. Was that this year? Seems longer than that at this point).

Philly in flux with two huge free agents and their asset pool dried up. Boston in flux with Kyrie’s free agency and dreams of AD. Will Gordon Hayward be on the move (stay tuned)? Milwaukee is also in flux with free agents and the playoffs forcing them to require patience. Giannis wants to leave chatter has already surfaced, will certainly grow louder next year (been there done that).

Oh, and the Pacers are also in flux. They can make major changes or reshape around the bulk of last year’s squad, but they can’t (nor should they consider if they could) run it all the way back.

Please share your thoughts on Game 1 and/or the Pacers’ options heading into June. Should be fun!