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Game thread: Kevin Pritchard, Nate McMillan postseason press conference officially begins offseason

The Pacers president and head coach will meet with the media on Wednesday morning. Share your thoughts on what they have to say.

Indana Pacers v Detroit Pistons Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The Pacers will put a formal cap on the 2018-19 season on Wednesday morning when team president Kevin Pritchard and head coach Nate McMillan meet the media for a season post-mortem. The press conference will be streamed live on Facebook and we’ll have a link here.

The media session also officially tips off the offseason which should be a bigger topic today since the Pacers have so many questions to answer going forward. As for looking back, there isn’t much to say other than to laud the players for their continued effort even after Victor Oladipo went down. In the end, they were unable to matchup with the Celtics on several fronts leading to a brief playoff appearance.

Looking ahead, the Pacers have several free agents to consider keeping or replacing. They also have a trio of young players who could really help solidify the roster if they can perform in the playing rotation on a cap-friendly salary.

Oh, and the future of Myles Turner and Domas Sabonis is a topic that will no doubt be dodged and parried by Pritchard and McMillan despite the creative ways (and number of times) the topic is broached.

Whether you watch the press conference live or after the fact, share your thoughts and observations on what was said and what wasn’t as the offseason is off and running.

Kevin Pritchard and Nate McMillan Postseason Press Conference

Pacers President of Basketball Operations Kevin Pritchard and Head Coach Nate McMillan speak with the media at their annual postseason press conference.

Posted by Indiana Pacers on Wednesday, May 1, 2019