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Victor Oladipo update: The rehabilitation WILL be televised

The Pacers star continues to share positive updates on he recovery from knee surgery.

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Indiana Pacers v New York Knicks Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The rehabilitation WILL be least on Instagram.

On Wednesday, Victor Oladipo shared another milestone in his rehab, eight weeks and a day after surgery to repair a ruptured quad tendon in his right knee (Ahhh! Still makes me cringe). Via Instagram, Vic waived his HIPAA rights and let us hear his doctor laud his progress and give him the directive to move around at home without a knee brace.

So far, VO has shared his feathery rehab process starting with dribbling on his rehab bed, followed by shooting while reclined with he leg up, then sitting up and finally standing on the court, albeit wearing a heavy brace. Now we get to see him walking without a brace along with reports that he is ahead of schedule just two months after surgery.

According to Scott Agness of The Athletic, Vic’s skills trainer Micah Lancaster is excited by the progress he’s witnessed.

“Vic is doing phenomenally,” Lancaster told Agness. “He is going to shock everybody with how he’s doing. He’s way ahead of schedule with his rehab process. He’s like Wolverine, man. He recovers quick.”

Basketball is a huge part of Vic’s rehab and remains a part of what he is doing during the healing process which should end up paying off down the road when he’s ready to return to the court. After watching the progression of players like Paul George the past few years and Gordon Hayward this season, expecting pre-injury Vic next season isn’t fair.

Being healthy in a human context is one thing, but recovering to the level of an elite NBA player is another. That fact should keep both the Pacers and Wesley Matthews engaged in wanting to extend their partnership into next season. While the Pacers can’t promise Matthews a starting spot, the team will need a high-level reserve that is available to start as Oladipo ramps up his game throughout the season.

But that’s a conversation for June. Today, after another rough road loss, enjoy the news that Vic is on the road back to Indy and he’s making good time.