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Victor Oladipo draining threes on his own two feet

The Pacers star is up and walking two months after surgery, which means he’s also up and shooting.

NBA: Charlotte Hornets at Indiana Pacers Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Great news from Miami: Victor Oladipo is moving around on two legs.

Oh, and he’s still got it from behind the arc.

In a video clip released today, Oladipo is seen draining a three while sitting on a box, then getting up and gingerly working his way around the arc to cash in two more threes in an effort to emphasize that he remains “unbreakable” while on the road back to playing with the Pacers.

Who knows how many takes this took, but I’m going to assume it was just one. Pure money both in delivering his lines and more importantly, making his shots.

Keep grinding, Vic!