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Pacers bat around Clippers, 116-92 for fourth consecutive win

The Pacers took advantage of the trade-deadline weary Clippers to earn their fourth consecutive win.

NBA: Los Angeles Clippers at Indiana Pacers Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Pacers won their fourth consecutive game, beating the Clippers 116-92, while withstanding the occasional appearance of a Fieldhouse bat who was fed up hibernating in the rafters with all the good hoops going on below.

This trade deadline special against the Clippers didn’t start well as the Clips made their first 11 shots, including three 3-balls by Danilo Gallinari. The perfect start put the Clips up 25-21 before the Pacers eventually took a 28-27 lead with just under three minutes remaining in the first quarter.

The reserve unit then took the floor and pushed the reserve-less Clips to the brink, extending the lead to 36-31 by the end of the first quarter. The Pacers “only” scored 35 second-quarter points but left the Clips in the dust in the process.

After the nuclear start to the game, the Clips ended up making 13 of their last 32 shots in the half which isn’t bad, but the Pacers were sizzling. The good guys extended the lead by making 6 of 9 threes, and 31 of 47 (66%) shots overall for the half to take a 71-53 lead to the break.

The second half turned into a scrimmage as the Pacers extended the lead to 25 by the end of the third quarter. The second appearance of the bat provided some excitement as the Pacers’ staff brought out some nets to try to catch the bat. But after Bogey flashed a vicious roundhouse kick, the bat made a getaway.

The Pacers rolled through the fourth quarter to put away the Clips while giving extending playing time to the reserve players.

Myles Turner finished the game with 17 points and 6 blocks to maintain his standing as the league leader in denials.

Thad Young had 14 points, 4 assists, 5 rebounds and 5 blocks, making his presence felt in just 24 minutes.

Bojan Bogdanovic lead the Pacers with 29 points, 7 rebounds, 3 steals and 3 three-balls. Bogey hit a pair of threes in the second quarter to quickly push the Pacers lead from eight to 14 and they never looked back.

Darren Collison finished with 14 points and 5 assists in 26 minutes.

The Pacers remain at home and play the Cleveland Cavaliers on Saturday night. The bat remains probable.