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MLK Day NBA Game Thread, TV info, and more

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Today is a big day for the league and it’s players. Come spend it with us!

NBA: Dallas Mavericks at Indiana Pacers Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

To celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. and the legacy of his influence in the struggle for positive change in race relations, the NBA has scheduled an all-you-can-watch smorgasbord of games for fans to binge throughout today’s national holiday.

With over two-thirds of the league in action, here’s a look at the 11-game slate:

Thunder @ Knicks — 12:30 PM EST, NBA TV

Bulls @ Cavaliers — 1:00 PM EST, League Pass

Pistons @ Wizards — 2:00 PM EST, League Pass

Mavericks @ Bucks — 2:00 PM EST, League Pass

Magic @ Hawks — 3:00 PM EST, NBA TV (Martin Luther King Jr. was born on this day in Atlanta in 1929)

Kings @ Nets — 3:30 EST, League Pass

Pelicans @ Grizzlies — 5:30 PM EST, TNT (17th Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebration Game)

Heat @ Celtics — 6:00 PM EST, League Pass

Rockets @ Sixers — 8:00 PM EST, TNT

Trail Blazers @ Jazz — 9:00 PM EST, League Pass

Warriors @ Lakers — 10:30 PM EST, TNT

Since the Pacers won’t be playing, circle the match-ups involving the Celtics and Sixers as games to watch. It’s early to start obsessing over the standings; but, with 4.5 games separating the top five teams in the East from the bottom three, the 4-5 match-up is looking increasingly unappealing — especially considering that Indiana is a combined 3-5 against Milwaukee, Toronto, Philadelphia, and Boston.

The Sixers are in the middle of a particularly rough portion of their schedule (vs. Rockets, vs. Spurs, @ Nuggets, @ Lakers, @ Warriors), which could help the Pacers increase — or, at least maintain — their grasp on the third-seed as they get set for big games of their own this week against Toronto (Jan. 23) and Golden State (Jan. 28).

Share your thoughts and observations on the games, cool ways that teams pay tribute to the life and accomplishments of Martin Luther King Jr., and of course any Pacers-related topics throughout the day.