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Reggie Miller enjoys Children’s Museum exhibit

The Pacers legend brought his family to check out his statue which is part of the Children’s Museum’s Sports Legends Exhibit.

Twitter: @TCMIndy

If you follow Reggie Miller on Instagram (and if you read this site and don’, why?) you know he’s been hanging out at his house on Geist this week. He’s been enjoying the summer heat with his family in the pool and boating on the lake while saying he’s “back home” in several posts.

Reggie also enjoyed his passion for mountain biking by riding some treacherous terrain in the hills of Brown County.

On Wednesday, Uncle Reg announced his presence more formally as he took his family to The Children’s Museum to check out his likeness on the Avenue of Champions at the new Sports Legends Experience exhibit along with the rest of the museum. The hoops portion of the exhibit includes statues of Reggie and Slick Leonard among others, including Larry Bird, as well as other memorabilia.

Reggie expressed his appreciation for the exhibit in the following Instagram post.

To get the full Reggie experience, you need to check out his Instagram Story of the visit. The museum kept tabs on Reggie and showed off one of the games where visitors can try to replicate Reggie’s 8 points in 9 seconds feat from Madison Square Garden.

This exhibit has earned rave reviews all around and despite swearing off the place after my kids grew out of enjoying it, we will have to return to check out the new exhibit. It looks like a blast for any age and I can only imagine how many more hours I would’ve spent had this been open ten years ago.

Looks like Reggie’s kids may be begging him to make some return trips, as well. That would be an added bonus since it’s always great to see Reggie back home again in Indiana.