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Local artist creating a building mural of Reggie Miller

The Pacers Hall of Famer will soon have a much larger presence in the city.

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Spurs v Pacers Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

A week after we saw Reggie Miller enjoy his statue at The Children’s Museum, we have news of a local artist is planning to paint a mural of Uncle Reg on a six-story building downtown.

According to this report from David Lindquist, artist Pamela Bliss will begin work this week on the mural expected fill up a 60-foot by 15-foot swath on the east side of the six-story building at 127 East Michigan Street.

Bliss is also responsible for the building mural of another local legend, Kurt Vonnegut on the north side of the home of Louis’s Wine Dive on Mass Ave, just a couple of blocks away from her Reggie space at Michigan and Delaware.

Here’s a look at the space on the right side of the building where Bliss will go to work withe the blessing of building owner, Ben Jafari. Pacers fans heading home from the Fieldhouse up Delaware Street will get a great view of the mural.

This feel good project, celebrating the impact Reggie had on the basketball loving community of Indy, will really give you the feels when you read the inspiration for Bliss art, as reported in the story.

The mural’s title? “Reggie, Reggie, Reggie! Boom, Baby!”

Bliss said she has fond memories of attending a game at Market Square Arena when the Pacers played the Orlando Magic during the 1995 Eastern Conference Finals — a series in which Orlando prevailed in seven games.

”It’s the loudest I’ve ever heard a crowd,” she said. “Hoosier hysteria was at its height. I’m feeling that nostalgia when I’m painting this.”