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Myles Tuner, Lances Stephenson highlight charity softball win for Pacers

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The Pacers took home the hardware in the annual fundraiser for the Indiana Children’s Wish Fund.

NBA: Orlando Magic at Indiana Pacers Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Pacers logged yet another surprising win on Thursday when a team lead by Myles Turner beat the Colts team captained by Robert Mathis in the 10th annual Caroline Symmes Softball Challenge.

The Pacers teams lead by Roy Hibbert, George Hill and Paul George always seemed to lose this game but Turner set the tone early with a lead off home run. From there Trevor Booker and Lance Stephenson provided highlights. Booker had a couple of blasts over the head of the outfielders to keep runs scoring for the Pacers.

As I always say, Lance Stephenson never has a quite 20-point game (nor 10-point game) and he made his presence known on the softball diamond at Victory Field quite loudly on Thursday. First, with the full uniform ensemble he put together and then by working the hidden ball trick and of course, galloping off the field after catching a pop up.

Scott Agness was on hand and has a full report with great details at Vigilant Sports, so check it out.

Here are some social media reactions, highlights and videos.