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Fresh “Respect Indiana” Pacers t-shirt from BreakingT

After Victor Oladipo talked about the respect his Pacers’ team earned this season, BreakingT captured the moment perfectly.

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Victor Oladipo was calm, cool and collected while addressing the media after the Pacers were eliminated from the playoffs in Cleveland on Sunday afternoon.

As he did all season, Oladipo answered questions intended to elicit an emotional response without giving any newsworthy quotes. Never too hyped up after wins, never too down after losses.

But Oladipo broke from his M.O. while standing up for his team, expressing pride in what they accomplished by earning the respect of the league with their surprise season. Oh, and if media or fans don’t respect the Pacers, then the feeling is mutual.

“If y’all don’t respect the Indiana Pacers now, I have no respect for you,” Oladipo told the media. “That’s just how I feel. Nobody thought we were going to be here -- not one person -- but us in the locker room. I feel like we’ve earned our respect from everyone now.”

Bravo, Vic!

So good was the quote, the BreakingT folks created a killer t-shirt that Pacers fans should enjoy wearing this summer. BreakingT makes it easy to order their comfy shirts online, just use this link and place your order. Here are a couple of images of the officially licensed t-shirt design.