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Get your “Born Ready” t-shirt for another Lance and LeBron matchup

The folks at BreakingT have us ready for another playoff matchup against LeBron James.

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Just in time for another playoff matchup between the Pacers and Cavs along with the juicy supblot of Lance vs. LeBron — check out the “Born Ready” t-shirt from our friends at BreakingT.

The t-shirt captures Lance’s face during the legendary meme factory that is Lance blowing in the ear of LeBron during the heated Game 5 matchup with Miami at the Fieldhouse in 2014. While there have been several interesting interactions between the two, this is certainly the signature moment for Lance and LeBron.

Among the many reasons Lance is beloved by Pacers fans is his refusal to bow down nor back down on the court against LeBron. While James never talks to Lance, he can’t avoid mixing it up with Lance when they are paired up on the floor and the results are always entertaining.

BreakingT makes it easy to order their comfy shirts online, just use this link and place your order. Here’s a couple of images of the t-shirt design.