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Pacers road trip: Breakfast sandwiches, Lance shared breakfast sandwiches on team flight

The mystery dish Lance Stephenson carried on the team flight was revealed during the Pacers broadcast on Tuesday.

NBA: Los Angeles Clippers at Indiana Pacers Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

In one of the best tweets of the NBA season, the Pacers social media folks caught the Pacers boarding their Monday morning flight to the Bay Area which included a casual Lance Stephenson with a carry-on bag in his right hand and foil-wrapped casserole pan in his right hand.

The next few hours of speculation about what dish Lance was taking on the plane provided the type of Twitter/Instagram comedy that makes the league so unique and fun to follow.

But while the Pacers were ready to play the Warriors on Tuesday night, the question remained: What type of food to Lance bring on the plane?

Fortunately, Pacers sideline reporter Jeremiah Johnson is well aware of any buzz among Pacers fans and reported during the game that Lance had his chef prepare breakfast sandwiches for the team to enjoy on the flight.

Breaking bread together is a tried and true team building experience and Lance is doing his part to fortify the amazing team chemistry we’ve witnessed this year by bringing food, depending on flight logistics. Among other treats Lance has shared this year were turkey wings and lasagna.

But in the end, what’s under the foil isn’t as important as the act of planning for the trip and bringing the food because Lance wants to share with his team.