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If Victor Oladipo was a Disney animated character, he’d be...

This is what happens when it’s the All-Star break and Victor Oladipo reiterates his desire to be in a Disney movie.

NBA: All Star Game-Team LeBron Practice Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Over the weekend, while representing the Indiana Pacers as a first-time All-Star in the city where “Hollywood” just happens to be spelled out in towering letters on a nearby hillside, Victor Oladipo relished the opportunity to lightheartedly shoot his shot with the House of Mouse.

“Hopefully they see this and they’re like, ‘Yeah, we need him in a Disney movie,’” Oladipo openly wished upon a star, while speaking with reporters on Saturday at Media Day. “Whenever they’re ready, I’m ready, Disney.”

From admitting earlier in the season that he falls asleep most nights while watching A Goofy Movie to making this as well as other unabashed pitches to appear in one of the mega-studio’s latest productions, the 25-year-old guard on the brink of becoming a triple-threat has revealed himself to be a Disney fanatic.

So, obviously, it’s necessary to identify the three characters from Disney’s pantheon of animated films which best reflect his personality, both on and off the court.

Powerline, A Goofy Movie:

Victor really, really, REALLY likes this cult classic. (Yes, it’s a cult classic. Like, there are for real Powerline concert tees for sale on the interwebs. And, oh man, if Oladipo was willing to wear a Minions shirt to Indiana’s game on New Year’s Eve then he totally needs to rock one of these.)

Anyway, not only has he posted social media proof of himself watching the movie late at night, he told a story about him carrying a boom box out of the locker room and asking if anyone knew the rather obscure song which was playing.

Of course, no one did (a travesty). Because, it was from...(wait for it)...A Goofy Movie.

Plus, like the pop singer that Goofy and his son Max end up dancing with onstage at the conclusion of their cross-country, father-son bonding trip, Oladipo can sing — as in, he released his first album “Songs for You” over the summer and recently repeated as the winner of TNT’s NBA Talent Challenge with his soulful rendition of “I understand” by Smokie Norfolks.

Importantly, All-Star weekend also revealed that the multi-talented guard can dance, a staple attribute of the Bobby Brown-esque character when he effortlessly emulates and makes cool Goofy’s Perfect Cast technique freestyle choreography.

Maybe, for the first time ever we’re seeing Oladipo eye-to-eye?

Hercules, Hercules:

Possessing superhuman strength and a compassionate heart, Hercules always had the potential to become a true hero. But, it took an intense training regimen designed for him by Philoctetes for the son of Zeus and Hera to become ready to fulfill his destiny.

The same can be said of Oladipo, who dedicated the offseason to transforming his body, altering his diet, and enhancing his skills in order to take his athletic potential to the next level.

Evinrude, The Rescuers:

The far too-often unheralded small and mighty dragonfly from Disney’s 1977 animated feature owns the fastest boat in the Devil’s Bayou, and he’s super clutch.

He provides the films protagonists, Bernard and Bianca, with transportation to save Penny, an orphan who is kidnapped by Madame Medusa. In so doing, he saves Bianca from falling out of the boat, fetches help, and narrowly evades a pack of bats.

Yep, Evinrude’s a boss.

Sort of like Oladipo leading the Eastern Conference in fast-break points per 100 possessions while hitting multiple big, late-game shots.

Like when he christened Indianapolis as his city against the Spurs by hitting this step-back three:

Or, when he sent Kevin Love flying after recognizing that Myles Turner was being guarded by LeBron James and avoided the unfavorable switch by calling for Thaddeus Young to set the ball screen instead.

Give that man a blue sweater vest.