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Pacers first NBA team to pound the over after win No. 32

The Pacers have not only been fun to watch overachieve this season, but they have already exceeded expectations in Las Vegas.

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New York Knicks v Indiana Pacers Photo by Ron Hoskins/NBAE via Getty Images

The Pacers beat the Knicks on Sunday to move to 32-25 overall for the season. A decent record among their peer teams in the league if taking the overall standings of the league into consideration.

But in August, how many people thought this team was capable of winning 32 games this season?

“I did,” you say.

OK, fair enough, but how many of those people who thought the Pacers would win over 32 games, thought they would do so in early February, prior to the NBA All-Star break?

This is where I sheepishly raise my hand.

One life lesson I learned long ago was when it comes to numbers, trust Vegas. This year, my most trusted Vegas guide, the WestGate Las Vegas SuperBook had the Pacers over/under win total at 31.5 games. Other books had the Pacers at 30.5 wins, so I guess you could say WestGate was about as bullish on the Pacers as any handicappers.

After beating the Knicks on Sunday, the Pacers officially crushed the O/U number, well ahead of the rest of the NBA. Here’s a look at the WestGate numbers and how many wins other NBA teams need to beat their over/under win total.

No doubt the Bulls have exceeded expectations, as well, but with only three games left before flying past their over/under, doing so before the end of February will be a challenge. The Bulls play Dallas next, so that is certainly an opportunity but then the All-Star break hits and they face Toronto and Philadelphia after the break before hitting the road to play Minnesota, Brooklyn and Charlotte to close out the month.

After the Bulls, the remaining teams will be chasing their O/U number much closer to the end of the regular season.

So win No. 32 for the Pacers is a chance to pause and appreciate just how impressive the Pacers have been in exceeding expectations, not to mention making us believers some money along the way!