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Doug McDermott shooting his way through struggles at Fieldhouse

The Pacers sharp shooter has struggled to make shots on his new home court, but found the range against the Bucks.

NBA: Indiana Pacers at Phoenix Suns Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Doug McDermott filled his role in the Pacers playing rotation nicely on Wednesday night. With the monster effort at both ends by Thaddeus Young and Myles Turner, along with the return of Victor Oladipo, it was easy to miss McDermott doing his job in the Pacers, 113-97 win over the Bucks.

McDermott scored an efficient 12 points on five shots with four rebounds in 18 minutes off the bench. If the Pacers could pencil those numbers in every night from their reserve wing, they’d happily do so. More importantly, McDermott made all of his shots, including two from behind the arc, at the Fieldhouse where he has struggled to stroke it so far this year.

Heading into the game, McDermott had made just 23.7% (9 for 38) of his three-point attempts in 13 games at BLF. However, on the road, he’s been full-on McBuckets, shooting the three at a blistering 55.6% (25 for 45) clip.

So what gives?

McDermott couldn’t pinpoint the issue at home. He’s a shooter and always shoots with confidence whether in an NBA arena, church gym, YMCA or local park. He also loves the shooting environment on the Fieldhouse floor.

”I love shooting in this arena,” McDermott said. “It’s a great place to play. I’ve been on a cold streak at home, so its great to see a few go in in front of the home fans.”

With the new St. Vincent practice facility across the street, the Pacers don’t practice on their actual home court as they used to when they’d split time between the arena floor and practice gym in the Fieldhouse depending on the schedule. Now all of their practice work and extra time is spent in the practice facility which is a much different environment when you consider the lighting, background and space.

So for a new player like McDermott, he hasn’t had the reps to make his home court a true advantage.

”That’s part of it,” McDermott admitted. “I hardly ever really get to come over here and shoot, so I think I need to make that more of an emphasis.”

It also seems reasonable that McDermott has been pressing at home early in the season since the home-town fans expect him to make every shot as the new hired gun. Groans after misses can add a little pressure to the next shot.

His 2 for 2 effort on Wednesday quickly raised McDermott’s home three-point percentage to 27.5%. Considering that team is simply playing better together to create more comfortable looks, you can expect that home percentage to move toward his career norm around 40% as the season progresses.

One things is for sure, home or away, McDermott won’t turn down shots.

”I’m a shooter, I can shoot in any building and I’m going to continue shoot ‘em and hopefully they fall.”