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Pacers Links: City uniforms unveiled, Evan Turner talks scrap with Lance Stephenson

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The Pacers move on to Miami, looking for something positive after losing their last two at home.

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NBA: Indiana Pacers at Miami Heat Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

After throwing up another clunker on national TV, the Pacers washed away a good chunk of the hype they generated after beating the Celtics by exposing their faults againts the Rockets.

Victor Oladipo needs some help, while Domantas Sabonis needs more minutes at Myles Turner’s expense cover the general narratives after losing two in a row. I’m a big fan of Sabonis playing starters minutes off the bench just because of his impact during the reserve rotation when Oladipo is on the bench. But...Turner needs a reset and maybe that begins by him sitting to start games. The offense definitely needs something to shake it up.

Fortunately, the NBA season rolls on and the Pacers have another game tonight in Miami. With a rematch against the Rockets in Houston on Sunday, stopping the negative momentum against the Heat will be big tonight. Also, as great mental toughness test for this group that proclaims they are a tight group. Now they have to prove it on the court.

Also, for some humor, check out Evan Turner’s interview with Zach Lowe on “The Lowe Post” podcast. Among the topics they hit are his time with the Pacers and the infamous “fight” with Lance Stephenson. Turner breaks down “legit the real story” about what happened.

Essentially, Turner and Lance were guarding each other and going at it. Lance was talking a bit and of course, Andrew Bynum was goading them with talk after one would make a play on the other. Finally, Turner slapped the ball out of Stephenson’s hand which drew a finger to the face and fake punch from Lance. Then they grabbed each other by the neck before David West stepped in to break it up.

Turner maintains no punches were thrown despite the urban legend about the fight.

The additional humor is in Andrew Bynum adding to his legend by not helping matters, which we can add to his halftime hair cut. Also, those guys aren’t small, and the mental image of one guy just breaking it up is hard to believe unless it was done by one guy -- David West. No doubt while subtly shaking his head back and forth.

Turner has some interesting insights into the equally infamous fade that season, despite eventually making the EC Finals, as someone who joined the team just as everything was about to go south.

Back to the present. The Pacers announced their “City” uniforms for this year which have had mixed reviews at best. The gray color will take some getting used to, but there is a bit of an homage to the FloJo’s. Here’s a look at Vic showing them off.

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