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Pacers Injury Update: Pacers hit the road with Oladipo, Turner and Sabonis questionable

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The Pacers playing rotation is in flux as they begin a four-game roadie in Utah.

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NBA: Utah Jazz at Indiana Pacers Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Pacers are in Salt Lake City waiting to play the Jazz on Monday to tip off their four-game road trip against Western Conference teams. The Pacers caught a break with the schedule which has the Jazz in Sacramento while the Pacers are hanging in SLC on Sunday night.

Catching the Jazz on a back-to-back is where the breaks end for the Pacers as they released an injury report with three important question marks.

Prior to the game on Friday, both Oladipo and Turner looked relatively healthy going through their pregame shooting workout. That observation tends to favor Turner since his ankle injury is not as severe. The knee soreness for Oladipo requires more than making open jumpers since his game requires quick starts and stops, not to mention jumping in a blink.

As J. Michael reported, Nate McMillan would like see Oladipo in practice before expecting him to return to the lineup.

“He hasn’t done anything live on the floor in a week,” coach Nate McMillan said. “He’s a lot farther away from coming back than those two guys. He’s going to have to go through a couple of live practices before he is allowed to play.”

With four games in six days on the road, actual practice time will be minimal so if Vic’s knee improves, hopefully McMillan’s definition of practice will expand to a walk-thru and/or pre-game work.

The prognosis for Turner is better since he went through practice on Saturday after missing the game on Friday. Sabonis played Friday and sat out practice, but if he feels good on Monday will likely be available in at least a reserve role.

The Pacers can’t get Oladipo back soon enough. After winning the first two games without him (I know, he played a few minutes in the first game, didn’t matter), VO’s absence was glaring in the last two losses.

No Vic means far less margin for error and against the Spurs, the Pacers missed 21 of 24 three-point shots which alone created an error gap too wide to overcome.

Of course, one of those Vic-less wins was against the Jazz when Aaron Holiday and Doug McDermott delivered 31 points to the cause while Sabonis scored 19 points with 9 assists and 9 rebounds. The depth rose up at home against Jazz, now we’ll see if they can do it again on the road.