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IC Cold Links: Pacers return to action in Hickory and City uniforms for back-to-back home games

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After a few days in the lab, the Pacers return to action looking to improve in several areas and raise their level of play.

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When you lose the last game prior to four full off days at home, all of the team’s issues draw a spotlight. For the Pacers, that means the pace of play, number of three-pointers, Myles Turner, Tyreke Evans, Darren Collison and even Victor Oladipo have been the subject of potential solutions for more consistent play by the Blue and Gold. In order, the team needs to play at a faster pace, shoot more threes, get more from Turner, Evans and Collision while Vic tries not to do too much to cover up all of the issues by himself.

With the rare chance for extra practice time along with more time to review prior game film and self scout, the Pacers should be primed and ready to take on the Miami Heat on Friday night, the first of three home games in four days. We’ll see how different the team plays, but we know for sure they will look different when they take the floor.

On Friday, the Pacers will wear their Hickory uniforms for the first of six games this season. The Indiana hoops history honoree will be the Muncie Central Bearcats, the legendary high school hoops program that fell to Milan after Bobby Plump’s miracle shot in 1954. But the school also boast eight state championships and four Mr. Basketball award winners. Mark Montieth has all the historical details.

On Saturday, the Pacers return to the Fieldhouse to take on the Atlanta Hawks when they will wear their new City uniforms. The Pacers are scheduled to wear these uniforms for 13 games this season. There’s been much debate over the look of the uni’s but ultimately, the team’s record will determine how much fans love them. Go 10-3 and fans will demand wearing them throughout the playoffs!

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