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Pacers final score: Timberwolves close out Pacers 101-91

Indiana struggled all night, but especially in the fourth when Minnesota finally found a groove, resulting in a frustrating loss for the Pacers. Bojan Bogdanovic scored 20 points.

NBA: Indiana Pacers at Minnesota Timberwolves Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The Indiana Pacers managed to walk the tightrope for three quarters against the Minnesota Timberwolves, but in a game waiting for someone to make a statement, it wasn’t Indiana that had a say in the outcome. The Timberwolves started the fourth quarter on a 12-0 run to flip a one point Pacers lead into a double figure deficit.

Little went right for the Pacers all night, but much of that was of their own device. The Pacers struggled in the paint against Minnesota’s defense, resulting in 39.6% shooting, also playing a step slow on both sides, with batted passes ruining the offense and transition defense eaten alive to the tune of a 26-8 deficit.

Bojan Bogdanovic was the lone standout for the Pacers, scoring 20 with three threes. Victor Oladipo also reached 20, but shot a woeful 8-23 from the floor. The bench has been a strong point this year, but was a veritable no-show tonight, scoring just 21, with just two points between Tyreke Evans and Doug McDermott.

The Pacers continue their road trip on Wednesday, facing the San Antonio Spurs.