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Pacers final score: Pacers fall flat against Lakers in 99-86 loss

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Indiana shot just 38.1% in a late loss to the LA Lakers. Victor Oladipo scored 25 points.

NBA: Indiana Pacers at Los Angeles Lakers Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

The Indiana Pacers picked up where they left off in Portland and then amplified it, putting in the worst performance of the year against the Los Angeles Lakers, leading to their second straight loss. The Pacers shot just 38.1% for the game and a dreadful 2-25 from three point range, finishing with a lower percentage the Los Angeles’s 2-14 from the free throw line.

The Lakers poured salt on that wound by scoring on four straight threes to close out the game, one the Pacers had every opportunity to win despite their abysmal performance. While the Lakers allowed the Pacers to stay in the game with the missed free throws, in addition to the Pacers pulling in 12 offensive rebounds and scoring 15 points off turnovers, the Pacers showed no resistance on the defensive end, allowing the Lakers to score 60 in the paint and 55% for the game.

The shooting night for the Pacers was not only their second worst of the year, but was a nightmare on every attempt that didn’t feature a dunk. The Pacers shot 60% in the restricted area, but were just 11-54 outside of the circle. To compound the issue of how bad that is, Indiana went 6-16 in the first quarter, putting the Pacers at just 13% for the remainder of the game, including 0-12 in the fourth.

Individually, plays at the rim propelled from Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis kept the Pacers in contention, with Oladipo scoring 25 (on 11-26 shooting) and Sabonis finishing with 15 points and 14 rebounds. For as awful as the game in general was, awoken from a basketball standpoint only by Jordan Clarkson coming up big late for the Lakers as part of his season high 33, there were plenty of dunks by the Pacers.

A lot of dunks.

Seriously, just a boatload of dunks.

Four Pacers reached double figures, all starters with Bojan Bogdanovic scoring 11 and Thaddeus Young putting in 10. Cory Joseph led the bench with eight points, but the second unit was crushed by Los Angeles’s, with the Lakers outscoring Indiana 52-20, including Clarkson’s big night.

Lance Stephenson appears to still be struggling with his illness, he was just 1-12 shooting and T.J. Leaf got a bit of extra run, but was put through the ringer by Julius Randle. The Lakers’ ability to dominate the paint really highlighted the massive hole the absence of Myles Turner leaves when it comes to his ability to block shots and protect the rim, especially when the Pacers are forced to rely heavily on Al Jefferson.

At 2-2, the road trip isn’t a total loss; given the back-to-back situations, a 2-3 record would have been acceptable at the start, but given the level of play the Pacers put forth against both Phoenix and Utah, these last two games have been massive disappointments as Indiana drops to 10-12 on the road.

The Pacers will wrap up their five game road trip on Sunday when they face the San Antonio Spurs, who are still top three in the West despite missing Kawhi Leonard. The Spurs are also a league best 19-2 at home this year (one of those losses to Golden State), all while outscoring opponents by 9.5 points per game. That makes a potential third straight game under 40% shooting not only a loss, but one the Pacers won’t even have the opportunity to overcome.