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Myles Turner seeks Pacers advice from Stephen Jackson

The Pacers young center appeared on ESPN’s The Jump alongside Jack on Friday.

NBA: Toronto Raptors at Indiana Pacers Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Pacers young big man Myles Turner (yes, he’s still young at 21) was in Los Angeles on Friday as part of the Statement uniform reveal by the NBA and Nike. There was no mention of swagger at the reveal but the Statement unis will be a familiar gold option in the new style.

While in L.A., Turner made an appearance on ESPN’s daily NBA show The Jump, show hosted by Rachel Nichols with former Pacers Stephen Jackson and reporter Ramona Shelburne.

Turner discussed his sudden emergence as the face of the Pacers franchise as the longest tenured player (AHHHH!!!!!!!) at again, just age 21 (AHHHH!!!!!!). After they tippy-toed through PG’s departure, Nichols asked Turner if he had any Pacers-related questions for Jack as an ol’ vet from the Fieldhouse.

Oh, the many ways this could have gone, but Turner handled it quite well asking about long-time assistant coach Dan Burke’s relentless pursuit of perfection from his players. Some great pub for DB as Jack gave the solid, old-head advice that his coach will never be happy because he will always be pushing Turner to get better.

Here’s the whole segment which once again let’s us know, the Pacers are in good hands with Myles Turner repping the blue and gold.