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Kevin Seraphin signs deal with FC Barcelona Lassa

The former Pacers big man wasted little time finding another team after his release on Monday.

Brooklyn Nets v Indiana Pacers Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The Pacers released Kevin Seraphin on Monday before his $1.9 million salary became guaranteed the next day, but apparently that transaction was not a surprise to Seraphin nor his agent. Three days later, Seraphin has moved on to his next team, FC Barcelona Lassa.

According to multiple reports, Seraphin signed a two-year deal to continue plying his craft in Europe. Eleven months earlier, Seraphin was on the cusp of signing with FC Barcelona when talks stalled just long enough for the Pacers to offer and sign the big man before camp started. FC Barcelona didn't waste any time locking up Seraphin this time around.

Seraphin's release was part of the Pacers efforts to "modernize" their front court depth going forward with more active and versatile players (aside from Al Jefferson). While Seraphin has a solid inside offensive game, the NBA has moved toward requiring bigs who can spread the floor and/or be active on the glass and defensive end. Certainly not Seraphin's strength and the likely reason he has moved back to Europe where he started his pro career in France.

Best of luck to the big fella with his new team. His spirit and personality will be missed in the Pacers locker room.