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Darren Collison's team comes up short in The Basketball Tournament final

The Pacers point guard coached Team Challenge ALS to the TBT final before coming up just short of the big prize.

Orlando Magic v Indiana Pacers - Game Five Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Darren Collison has always played the role of “coach on the court” while playing point guard during his NBA career, which he will resume with the Pacers next month. Over the past couple of weeks, Collision was the coach on the sidelines fore Team Challenge ALS as they made a big run through The Basketball Tournament, a winner-take-all tournament with a $2 million on the line that is both intense and tons of fun to watch.

Collison's long-time friend and former Boston College player, Sean Murphy asked DC to coach after assembling a team made up primarily of SoCal players in an effort to honor is former BC roommate Peter Frates who has ALS. Frates became well known for starting the ALS ice bucket challenge a few years ago and continues to raise funds while battling the disease. Team Challenge ALS planned to donate $250,000 of the $2 million prize to the Frates family.

In an emotional ending to the final, Murphy was at the free throw line with three seconds remaining, needing to make two freebies to tie the score and send it to overtime. Unfortunately, his first shot caught the front iron dashing the team's hopes of winning the $2 million prize.

Overseas Elite won the game 86-83 to claim their third consecutive TBT title which is nuts considering all of the competitive teams and the NCAA-style, one-and-done tournament format.

The intensity in the semis and finals of this tournament have made it a must-watch event in my house over the past couple of years and it didn't disappoint again this year. And it was nice to see Collison keeping his team motivated and playing at a high level right to the end.