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Pacers Podcast: Offseason rundown from acquiring Victor Oladipo to the final roster spot

We give rapid reactions to all — yes, all —- the offseason happenings.

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No stone — not even a pebble — was left unturned in this wide-ranging offseason recap episode of Locked on Pacers. From discussing expectations for Victor Oladipo’s usage percentage, Cory Joseph’s defense, and Darren Collison’s spot-up shooting to mourning the potential loss of Point Lance and splitting hairs about the team’s final roster spot, rehashing Paul George’s exodus was barely a blip on the radar (you’re welcome).

Here’s a rundown of the conversation:

2:07 — The Flowchart’s oracle nature

3:28 — Recapping Sactown Royalty’s insights on Collison

6:00 — Evaluating free agent moves through the lens of Myles Turner

8:30 — Final thoughts on the Paul George trade, why Victor Oladipo is primed to put forth a career-season

12:00 — Theorizing about whether Sabonis will be better suited as a power fauxward or small-ball five

15:48 — Discussing Thaddeus Young’s place amid a rebuild

18:08 — Point LANCE!!!

20:50 — Projecting McMillan’s plan for the offense

25:50 — Tanking

29:04 — Glenn Robinson III versus Bojan Bogdanovic

31:34 — Is this a playoff team?

32:53 —- Woj’s interview with Paul George, flawed team building

41:00 — Waiving Georges Niang, questioning what to do with Joe Young

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