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Paul George softens up Oklahoma City before his arrival

Paul George generated plenty of reaction with a puff piece prior to landing in Oklahoma City.

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder at Indiana Pacers Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Paul George and his now infamous (at least in Indiana) “people” turned to PR sportswriter to the stars, Lee Jenkins of to reshape the narrative of his departure from Indiana in an effort to ease his way into Oklahoma City.

Smart move to make sure PG is embraced by the Thunder faithful more warmly than a one-and-done rental his “people” insisted he was just a few weeks ago.

First thing I did when I saw this article and the varied initial reactions was to look up when PG’s intro press conference was scheduled.

Well, looky here! The Thunder will introduce PG at a Wednesday press conference. So now after reading the Jenkins piece, fans will be happy to greet PG at the airport on Tuesday evening.

So all of the reaction to PG’s quotes seems like a big waste of time with no need to be outraged or impressed by PG’s sincerity depending on your perspective. Just be thankful there is no reason to consider any implications for the Pacers based on PG’s words. They are merely his feelings on July 11, subject to change whenever asked again, but definitely intended to send a message to his new home, regardless of how long he stays in OKC.