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Report: Pacers a potential suitor for Rajon Rondo if waived by Bulls

The 31-year-old veteran guard could very well find his way to Indiana if he is waived by the division rival Chicago Bulls this offseason.

NBA: Chicago Bulls at Indiana Pacers Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

With the recent Paul George/Indiana Pacers fiasco taking up a majority of Pacers-related news over the last week, many have began to wonder just what steps that team president Kevin Pritchard will take moving forward as the team edges closer and closer to an extensive rebuild.

On Friday afternoon, it had been reported that the Pacers could be interested in the services of veteran guard Rajon Rondo in the event that he is waived by the Chicago Bulls ahead of the upcoming free agency period.

At his age, it is unknown whether or not Rondo can provide the Pacers with the ‘spark’ that they’d need if, say, Pritchard does in fact desire to remain competitive sans Paul George.

If the Pacers do wish to start from scratch this coming season and build their future around younger talents like Myles Turner, singing an aging veteran like Rondo may not be the best idea.

At his age, it goes without saying that Rondo’s prime years are very well behind him. It is also likely that the Pacers will start Lance Stephenson at one of the guard positions (possibly point guard) for the 2017 season. Having a backcourt of Stephenson/Rondo could be a recipe for disaster, as the two are very ball-dominant players.

Rondo has also somewhat tarnished his reputation over the last few years with conflicts that he has found himself to be the center of with various teams — one of the most-notable being the whole ordeal with the Dallas Mavericks during the 2015 NBA Playoffs when he was a member of the team. Perhaps Rondo is a guy that Pritchard should avoid in order to distance the team away from any possible headaches as they currently deal with their own issues.

With younger, cheaper talents such as Jrue Holiday, Patrick Mills, and Ian Clark available this summer as possible free agent options that could help the Pacers in a potential rebuild, the best bet for Pritchard should be to go the route of finding younger talent to help build around Turner for the foreseeable future.

The 2017 NBA Free Agency period kicks off Saturday, July 1.