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NBA Draft: Pacers select Ike Anigbogu in second round

Indiana drafted Ike Anigbogu out of UCLA with the 47th overall pick. Anigbogu dropped out of the first round due to knee concerns.

NCAA Basketball Tournament - Cincinnati v UCLA Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

With their second round pick in the 2017 NBA Draft, the Indiana Pacers drafted another UCLA freshman, taking Ike Anigbogu with the 47th pick. Anigbogu is a risky pick for the Pacers, who are betting on his talents being able to outweigh the fear of a knee injury that kept him out of the start of last season with the Bruins.

That fear led him to drop all the way to 47 despite scouts finding him to otherwise be a first round talent. It makes him a risky (albeit a low risk) choice for the Pacers, who do stand to be rewarded if Anigbogu can find a healthy NBA career. Anigbogu averaged just 4.7 points and four rebounds in 13 minutes, showing himself as a project offensively.

Dimitri Dorlis at Bruins Nation gives an in-depth profile on Anigbogu’s time at UCLA, including just how far he is on the offensive end.

There’s been a pretty simple story of Ike’s stock: his measurables and energy make him a great prospect, but he’s raw. Very raw. And some teams are starting to worry about that.

Look, for how projectable Ike is, it’s still a big concern just how unrefined he is offensively. Ike never really developed a post game, or even much of an outside shot, during his time at UCLA, and that will be a problem at the next level. Even if he just developed a better touch around the rim, that’d go a long way towards making his offensive contributions good enough to justify large minutes.

As such, Anigbogu will likely see a lot of time in Ft. Wayne, but given the uncertainty surrounding the depth of talent for the 2017-18 Pacers, he may find more time in Indianapolis than otherwise expected.