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Pacers Draft Prospects: Terrance Ferguson

Potential first round pick Terrance Ferguson is set to workout with the Indiana Pacers on Monday.

Terrance Ferguson, a 19-year-old kid out of Tulsa, Oklahoma, is a bit of a question mark.

Ferguson made the decision to spend his “freshman season” in Australia’s National Basketball League instead of attending college in the United States. Thus, the 6’7” 184 lb. shooting guard remains relatively unknown to many basketball followers - including myself.

In 30 games, Ferguson averaged 4.6 points, 1.2 rebounds, and 0.6 assists in 15.1 minutes per game for the Adelaide 36ers. While his limited playing time and international experience make it difficult to analyze his play, Ferguson’s height and game could be what Kevin Pritchard and the Indiana Pacers are seeking.

Pritchard, in a post-season press conference, mentioned adding size for position to the roster for the upcoming season. Standing at 6’7” with a 6’9” wingspan, Ferguson would make for a taller, longer shooting guard with defensive potential - though he also has the ability to play small forward with his size.

What the Pacers lacked more than size for position last season was a 3&D guard. Monta Ellis was not that player. Rodney Stuckey was not that player. Glenn Robinson III and C.J. Miles were both kind of that player, but their skill sets were utilized for other holes on the roster as well.

Terrance Ferguson has the potential to be another Glenn Robinson III-like player and help fill that shooting guard/small forward rotation. Although Ferguson converted on just 31.3% of his three point attempts last season, he converted on 44.8% on spot-up attempts per the Denver Nuggets site on His best shooting comes from catch & shoot plays, which is an area the Pacers must address.

Yet, I did not compare Ferguson to Robinson III just due to their shared ability to knock down the three. Ferguson also shows a similar skill of slashing to the rim for an easy layup.

Or dunk.

Much like 2017 NBA Dunk Champion Glenn Robinson III, Ferguson is a tremendous athlete. In fact, Ferguson has won a few dunk contests of his own. Although he placed second in Australia's NBL Dunk Contest last year, the Oklahoma native put on a show.

Ferguson is undoubtedly an impressive athlete. If he can prove that he can shoot well from the perimeter, Ferguson will have little trouble finding time on an NBA court.

Here is’s mid-season comprehensive scouting video on the NBA prospect’s strengths.

However, Ferguson is far from having a complete offense. He has yet to prove he can score in isolation or handle the ball. The young man posted a 15.9% turnover percentage with the 36ers last season.

For these reasons, I believe Ferguson is best suited as a shooting guard, and he could make a career out of being a 3&D-like player.

Like his offense, the former McDonald’s All-American’s defense is incomplete as well.

He could benefit from adding size and strength as with almost any 19-year-old. At just 184 lbs., he has a tough time defending near the rim and is easy to physically move on both ends of the floor.

Ferguson also tends to stand rather than sit in a defensive stance on the defensive end. With a 6’9” wingspan and solid footwork, Ferguson has the potential to be a good defender, but he must defend in a better stance and improve his help defense.

Here is’s mid-season scouting review on the NBA prospect’s weaknesses.

Ultimately, many of the current mock drafts have Terrance Ferguson available for the Indiana Pacers 18th overall pick.

He is a player with good potential that will probably need time to develop before making a significant impact. However, if Pritchard is willing to be patient and Ferguson impresses the Pacers front office on Monday, he could be selected with the 18th pick in less than three weeks.

The 2017 NBA Draft is June 22nd at 7:00 p.m. ET on ESPN.