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All-NBA Honors to be Announced May 18

The NBA announced on Monday that the All-NBA honors will be revealed on Thursday, May 18.

NBA: Indiana Pacers at Los Angeles Lakers Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

After much speculation of a specific release date, the NBA declared that their All-NBA honors will be announced Thursday, May 18 and the other NBA award finalist will be announced on TNT this Friday at approximately 7 p.m. ET during a 90-minute edition of TNT’s NBA pre-game show prior to Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers.

All-NBA First, Second and Third teams will be revealed during the pre-game show - perhaps having major implications on some NBA teams and their respective players.

If you have been following the Pacers this past season, or even past few months, you would know that Paul George is one of these players whose future could be impacted by the revelation of all three of the All-NBA teams.

In short, if George makes any of the three teams, he’s eligible for a $200 million-plus maximum contract extension from the Pacers that no other team can offer. If he doesn’t, however, any team looking to sign George in free agency can offer him a contract eerily similar to whichever non-max contract Indiana would have on the table. George can sign for one year more in a contract extension from the Pacers due to his ‘Bird Rights,’ and only the Pacers, but the financial difference in either scenario would likely be too small to immediately convince George to re-sign.

Facing competition such as the likes of LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard, to name a small sample, and George’s future in Indiana could be hanging on by a thread.

Seeing some of the names that George will be competing with for a spot on any of the teams is sure to induce anxiety within fans, but keep in mind that the teams have yet to be revealed, so it’s not a surefire bet that George will be left out. Simply put, anything can happen between now and the time the honors are announced.