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Where does Myles Turner stack up in review of 2015 NBA Draft?

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Were teams allowed a ‘do over’ on the 2015 NBA draft, Myles Turner would not make it close to the Pacers pick.

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The Pacers scooped up Myles Tuner with the No. 11 overall pick in the 2015 draft. In hindsight, the pick looks like a steal after two years with Turner, who just turned 21, starting the full season at center for the Pacers.

While Turner remains a work in progress, he’s show plenty to love, from his shot-blocking and shooting ability to his mature approach to being a pro and making an impact in the community.’s Chad Ford and Kevin Pelton each chose their current top ten from the 2015 class and both had Turner slotted at No. 3 behind Karl-Anthony Towns and Kristaps Porzingis. Certainly seems like a fair ranking at this point, considering what we saw from Towns last week at the Fieldhouse.

Here’s what Ford and Pelton had to say about Turner.

FORD: Before his freshman season, many scouts thought Turner was a top-three prospect in his high school class. His up-and-down play at Texas -- combined with an awkward gait running the floor -- scared teams away, but two years into his NBA career, it's clear that Turner was a terrific prospect who just needed a little NBA coaching to clean up his flaws.

Offensively, Turner is still figuring it out, and he continues to leave a lot to be desired as a rebounder, but defensively there's no question he's already an impact player for the Pacers. Like Porzingis, Turner has tremendous, untapped upside.

PELTON: We've seen Turner improve his range this season, making 38 3-pointers at a 34.5 percent clip after going 3-of-14 beyond the arc as a rookie, and he's been an effective rim protector. Turner's limited small-area quickness will always be troublesome for him defending the pick-and-roll game, but he's already a quality starting center at age 21, which is no small feat.

Considering Paul George, taken No. 10 in the 2010 draft, would be re-drafted in the top five, if not top two of the 2010 draft, the Pacers have done quite well with their late lottery picks.

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