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NBA Playoffs Pacers final score: Cavs stun Pacers in Game 3 119-114

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Indiana led by 25 points in the first half, but gave it all away in a heartbreaking loss to Cleveland as they fall behind 0-3.

NBA: Playoffs-Cleveland Cavaliers at Indiana Pacers Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Cavaliers moved up 3-0 against the Indiana Pacers, stunning the Pacers in the second half after the Pacers had a franchise first half, topping Cleveland 74-49. In the second half, LeBron James had his way against the Indiana defense, scoring 27 second half points while Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving were benched.

The Pacers shot 55% in the first half on the back of a 21-point second quarter from Paul George, but they were just 25% in the second half. Ball movement in the second half from the Pacers stalled George one assist shy of a 36 point, 15 rebound triple double.

So much of the good will the Pacers built up in the first half was dashed in a second half where James played with three point shooters as Cleveland finished with 21 on the night, including a staggering 13 in the corners.

Indiana’s season is all but over, though they’ll take the court on Sunday playing for pride in hopes to avoid their first sweep since 1992.