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NBA Playoffs: Pacers have to adjust attack against Cavaliers in Game 3

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The Pacers continue to look for a winning edge at home against the Cavs after falling behind 0-2 in Cleveland.

Indiana Pacers v Cleveland Cavaliers - Game Two Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The Pacers had two days off at home to adjust their game plan before rolling it out against the Cavaliers on Thursday at the Fieldhouse.

With Glenn Robinson III not only returning to action in Game 2 but looking good in doing so, the Pacers can adjust their playing rotation accordingly. Monta Ellis has been a poor fit against the Cavs with his inability to score from the perimeter, allowing his defender to help elsewhere.

Lance Stephenson isn’t the answer to the starting lineup, but C.J. Miles would be a good fit since he is definitely a perimeter threat in the corner and has had success with the starting lineup prior to injuries altering the rotation.

Mark Montieth picked up on an indication that C.J. may slide into the starting lineup as he watched the team at the end of practice on Wednesday.

If C.J. does start, the extra shooter on the perimeter will also help Paul George handle the constant double teams Cleveland is throwing at him. PG has done better than expected thus far, with “just” four turnovers in the each of the first two games while doubling his regular season assist output.

Still, unlike LeBron James who can handle a double team the way Brady and Manning handle a blitz, PG is not the greatest passer in such situations. Maybe more Sam Bradford against the blitz, a tick late and not as assertive passing under duress. But adding Miles to spread the floor and demand attention from the Cavs’ defense should give PG more clear options to attack the double team quickly and set up favorable scoring opportunities.

Then all the Pacers have to do is slow down the Cavs at the other end.

The latest episode of Locked on Pacers hits on the lineup options along with Paul George brushing off criticism of his post-game comments after Game 2. Check it out.