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Paul George ‘can’t wait’ to see Lance Stephenson in Pacers jersey

The Pacers star forward is looking forward to reuniting with Lance Stephenson in a Pacers uniform.

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Indiana Pacers v Atlanta Hawks - Game Three Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

This is not a drill. The Pacers expect to sign Lance Stephenson after he undergoes a physical in Indy. According to this report by Nate Taylor, the players are ready to add Lance to the mix and Paul George in particular, can't wait.

Stephenson and PG spoke on the phone Wednesday after the news broke with both looking forward to reuniting at the Fieldhouse.

“We had a special memories,” George said after the Pacers’ loss. “We've definitely got a bond on that court. Hopefully we pick up where we left off. He’s excited. He’s always considered Indiana home, so he’s very excited to play with me and us again. This is where he made his name and made his mark. He’s got that in the back of his mind. He definitely thinks he can help this team.”

For his part, PG sound equally excited to have his former rookie running mate back in a Pacers uniform.

“I, for sure, can’t wait for him to get back in that jersey,” George said. “I know Indiana and the fans are going to enjoy him back in that jersey, too.”

Taylor also reports that if all goes as expected, the signing will be official before the Pacers play in Cleveland on Sunday. So while Lance may not be ready to play with the team on Sunday, he could be on the bench with his new teammates and PG. Well, Lavoy Allen was a teammate for a few months in his last season but as the quotes above indicate, the relationship with PG is on another level.

In fact, while Larry Bird isn't one to run roster moves by PG, it seems like someone in the front office had to at least run this idea by Paul to assess his reaction. Certainly, part of this move was aimed at making PG happy and adding a little edge to the locker room days after PG lamented the lack of passion among his teammates.

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