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Home losses put pressure on Pacers’ playoff plans

The Pacers slipped back to .500 with a late loss to Minnesota and also let their playoff hopes slip into jeopardy of fading away.

NBA: Minnesota Timberwolves at Indiana Pacers Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Pacers head out on the road suddenly reeling after losing another home game in stunning fashion, when Minnesota threw a 5-0 run at the Pacers in the final 40 seconds to swipe a 115-114 win on their way out of the Fieldhouse.

The T'Wolves left a Blue and Gold mess in their wake, forced to pick up the pieces and hit the road for their final back-to-back in Memphis on Wednesday night. Paul George didn't sound too confident about the task in Memphis after lamenting the lack of emotion from his team following the tough loss -- a critial loss that will be highlighted should the Pacers slide out of playoff contention over the next two weeks.

Here is PG, seething following the game.

PG also complained about not getting the ball enough down the stretch, although he did make two of the final three field goals for the Pacers in the fourth. Unfortunately, the last make was with over three minutes remaining. He also missed a challenged three-point shot down the stretch, but certainly would have like the ball on the critical possession with 40 seconds left and a two point lead.

Jeff Teague took the blame for that nightmare possession, saying he lost track of the shot clock which had him scooping a shot with no chance toward the rim. Teague also didn't excuse his part in the tough foul he was given on Ricky Rubio which led to three free throws and the final deficit.

Brutal call? Sure. But the Pacers let the game seep out of their control and give the referees a say with their play down the stretch.

The Pacers' starters played heavy minutes which will be required the rest of the way with a reserve unit crushed by injuries. The four-man reserve rotation offered little help on Tuesday and will likely need to play more in Memphis which should shake the confidence of anyone hoping the Pacers can dig out a tough road win.

Unfortunately, the only thing tough about this Pacers team has been the losses they've taken which now has their playoff chances in a tough spot.

We hit on the game along with injury updates and new info on Rodney Stuckey’s contract situation.

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