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Pacers Injury Update: Stuckey out for season, Jefferson, Robinson possible for post-season

The Pacers absorbed more bad injury news but may have some help if they can remain in the playoffs.

NBA: Indiana Pacers at Houston Rockets Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Pacers updated their injury situation prior to playing Minnesota and the info was bereft of good news.

So, yeah.

Stuckey is done for the season...unless...sorry, just can’t make a case for the deep playoff run right now.

Big Al is essentially done for the regular season and may be available for the playoffs, assuming the Pacers can close out the regular season and hold onto their playoff spot.

Glenn Robinson III will be evaluated next week and remains the X-factor for the Pacers season. They can survive without Stuck and Jefferson and depending on matchups and lineup rotations, may even thrive. But the Pacers need Robinson to add his D and 3 ability to create more options.

Hopefullly, GR3 can return for a few regular season games and be ready to play a big role in the playoffs. That would be fun.

Now the healthy players just have to hang onto the playoff spot over the remaining nine games.