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Vecsey: Pacers trying to trade for Brook Lopez

The Pacers continue popping up in trade rumors, including the latest from old friend, Peter Vecsey.

NBA: Indiana Pacers at Brooklyn Nets Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

I’m not sure what is more interesting, a trade rumor tweet involving the Pacers trying to trade for Nets big man Brook Lopez or the source of the tweet. Here is the info Peter Vecsey relayed on Sunday night.

While pondering the deal from both sides, I can make a good case for the Pacers trying to add a talented big man in his prime while also trying to loosen up the roster and in this case, the combo guard redundancy.

Lopez is averaging over 20 points per game and has shown this year he can not only score around the bucket but from behind the arc, as well. Lopez also has another year on his contract at $22 million which would line him up with Paul George, unless PG clears the hurdles and signs an extension this summer.

The deal makes makes less sense for the Nets and brings ups the question of Lopez’s value if a mid-first round (late lottery pick) and two reserve players NOT on expiring contracts is enough. Plus, the Pacers under Larry Bird have rarely made a trade that emerged in the rumor mill prior to happening.

At this point, the more interesting aspect of this rumor is that Peter Vecsey is reporting it on Twitter. Vecsey has been reporting Pacers rumors since the ‘80’s when his New York hoops friend, Donnie Walsh moved to the midwest to start directing Indiana. With Adrian Wojnarowski dominating the trade rumor reporting game these days, it is nice to see Vecsey staying in the game.

This is surely not the last trade report involving the Pacers this week. The NBA trade deadline is Thursday (Feb. 23) at 3 p.m. ET. Stay tuned!

NBA trade season is upon us and the Pacers have needs. Can they flip a veteran asset or two to fill a need or two?

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