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Lowe: Myles Turner can ‘map the floor’ as passer for Pacers

Myles Turner continues improving his NBA game and others are starting to take note.

Indiana Pacers v Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Myles Turner continues to gather attention as he puts up an impressive second NBA season at just 20 years old.

Turner has plenty of room to grow which is often apparent when he is passed the ball in traffic without expecting the pass nor having his feet set. These circumstances often lead to a rushed, off-balance attempt to push the ball to the hoop instead of a patient gather to finish under control. Developing all of the moves to handle those situations will make Turner vicious around the hoop, thanks to his quickness and ability to put the ball in the hoop when ready to shoot.

But the big step toward finishing in those situations is handling ball in traffic and finding an open man to pass to in a split second. ESPN’s Zach Lowe has taken not of Turner’s improved passing ability which is also starting to show up in his numbers. Here’s what Lowe had to say in his latest article which included Turner’s improved passing as one of ten things he likes.

Turner’s desire to be great and constant effort to make winning plays has made him a ton of fun to watch with more good times on the near horizon.

That includes playing in the Rising Stars game on Friday in New Orleans as part of the NBA All-Star weekend. Here’s Turner with some other Rising Stars doing some good in the community before hitting the court.