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Pacers celebrating the 1990’s on Saturday at the Fieldhouse

The Pacers took big strides as an NBA team in the ‘90s. While Reggie Miller highlighted the decade with his heroics, many others made a big impact, as well.

Reggie Miller excites the fans

The Pacers continue celebrating their 50th season by honoring the 1990’s on Saturday night, when the current team takes on the Milwaukee Bucks.

The great moments of the ‘90’s still resonate quite clearly as the team raised their profile as an NBA organization thanks to leadership from the Simon family, Donnie Walsh, Larry Brown, Reggie Miller and Larry Bird just to name a few.

Personally, I always remember Chuck Person firing things up to begin the decade with his effort against the Celtics in the playoffs. Byron Scott then moved it forward, showing the Pacers how to win in the playoffs. Those two weren’t around for the bigger moments later in the decade, but today is a great day to remember their impact on those later moments. has some great stuff to check out while prepping for the game tonight, including the following:

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The Fieldhouse is expected to be full for the game with Reggie Miller bobbleheads for fans. Also, Rik Smits, Dale Davis, Antonio Davis, Travis Best, Derrick McKey and Vern Flemming are all expected to be in attendance.

What are your favorite moments from the Pacers in the ‘90s?

Updating with Reggie’s message to fans since he is unable to make it to BLF for the festivities.