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Did we see peak Lance Stephenson three "Oh!" play against Knicks?

Fans at the Fieldhouse love to roar their approval for the Pacers, but nothing matches the energy generated by Lance Stephenson finishing a signature play.

NBA: Boston Celtics at Indiana Pacers Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Among the Pacers exceeding entertainment expectations this season, Lance Stephenson ranks near the top. Sure we knew he'd have his moments, but particularly at home in the Fieldhouse, those moments of making a three "Ohhh!" play have become a consistent staple when the Pacers win.

The "moments" usually include some combination of snappy passes, extreme ball fakes or hesis thrown at his defender ("Ohh!"), cross-over to cross-over dribble leading to a whirling dervish drive ("Ohhhh!") to the hoop resulting in a finger-roll finish or kick-out dime ("OHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!") for a bucket.

By the third "Oh!", with the will of several thousand positive vibes guiding it along, the ball has on choice but to go through the hoop. Then Lance takes care of the leftover energy from the "moment" with a dance or gallop, matching the enthusiasm shown him by the fans. The sudden energy ripping through the Fieldhouse is magical for all in attendnce.

On Monday night just before halftime, there was no combination of three "Oh!" moves, instead Lance went through the full play list on one glorious play that even included dapping up fans following the gallop while the ball was still live! Usually such fun and fan engagement only happens after a three "Oh!" play forces a timeout.

Can it get any better than that for Lance, the Pacers and the fans at BLF?

Naturally, context plays a role so a similar play, which really went to four "Oh!"s despite registering just two points on the scoreboard, late in the game that decides the outcome would be the only way to lift Lance's lefty finger-roll finish slightly higher.

But, whew, that one will be tough to top. Enjoy a couple of angles below.